Hotel room booking, 5 years, max 10 rooms, 10% commission. Save 15%


This product allows an establishment to list up to 10 rooms and take online bookings via our website for 5 years at a charge of 10% per booking. Save 15%!

Sold By: The Outdoor Biz
Sold By : The Outdoor Biz SKU: Hotel room booking, 5 years, max 10 rooms, 10% commission. Save 15% Category:


List up to 10 rooms for rental bookings for 5 years advertising on and take real-time reservations and bookings, directly from our website. Listing establishments have full control over their room listings and a control panel where they can manage their listings, their establishment’s vendor information and branding, upload their logo and photos of their establishment and local area and see/process their reservation orders as they happen on our website. Room rates can be set by the number of persons, person type (ie adult, child age group) or by date range, ie seasonal. Online payments, reservations and confirmations are all handled between the booking client and our website and controlled 100% by each Accommodation Vendor. Vendors can also offer discount coupon codes to existing clients in quiet periods that can be redeemed against further bookings via our website. Payment for reservations once accepted and approved by the accommodation manager are paid to the vendor immediately by PayPal (minus our 10% commission on any booking).

Simply add this product to your basket and checkout your order and one of our Accommodations Dept will be in contact with you shortly with details of your Accommodation Vendor account and instructions on how to best and quickly list your property.


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