Veterans Club Membership’s Veterans Club Membership is for ex-forces personnel and offers the leading sales commission rate available on our website today – currently 17% on all our products and services (plus 2% over our normal Sales Team). Other serious Outdoorsmen and women may also be offered honorary “Invitation Only” status to our Veterans Club Membership.

We are looking to recruit into our Veterans Club:

  • People to participate in recruiting people into other teams in our organisation
  • People that can mentor other people
  • People that can lead/direct
  • People that can drive strategy
  • People that can manage people
  • People that can make decisions for our company around customer acquisitions: considering organizational structure, allocating resources, product or service directions, etc.
  • People that can consider, conduct or manage business development and sales of product/services
  • People that can make decisions for our company around marketing our products, protecting our brand and media activities
  • People that can drive the learning and development strategy of new employees and associates of our company
  • People that can make decisions for our company around hiring / recruitment solutions
  • People that regularly share information related to your work, professional development and news with management in our organization

If the answer to the above is “Yes!” then

We ask that Veterans Club Membership is kept silent and exclusive, and this link is not shared around the various Social Networks!

As such there are one or two questions regarding your military service in the application for screening and vetting new members. Your responses to these are between the Directors of The Outdoor Marketing Biz Limited and yourself, and will never be shared either publicly or with any third party. Should you have been invited for honouring Veterans Club Membership (ie not ex-forces), kindly simply respond “N/A” in the appropriate fields. Understandably we don’t want Walter Mitty fakers benefiting from the higher commission rates we offer our Veteran Sales Consultants.

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